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    how many exercises should i do for each body part?

    i work out one body part a day. and today i did chest with flat bench, incline dumbells, decline bench, dumbell flys, decline with two cables standing up (not sure what its called), and dips. normally i would have also done flys with the cable machine too. i'm not sure but by the time i was up to the dips i felt like i was out of energy to really give it my all so i thought there might be a chance that i was doing too much in one day. tell me what u guys think.

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    how many sets/reps for each excercise?...sounds like alot to me without hearing more detail. I like to do 15-20 sets for my bigger muscles (chest/back/quads) and 12-15 sets for my smaller muscles. I typically pyramid on most excercises (10 --> 4 reps). I know some people will disagree, thats just my personal opinion.

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    Right now I am hitting chest like this:

    Flat bench 5 sets of 5 reps of a fairly heavy weight so that you can just get all the sets. Very strict controlled movement.

    Incline Dbells 4 sets of 8-10 reps very strict to failure on last set.

    Pec Dec 4 sets of failure on every set.

    I vary the excercises but the excercises I do I kill em. In fact if I feel I cheated myself I might do 2 additional sets of incline.

    Less excercises, more focus on each set of each excercise. Just what I am doing now.

    I do various schemes throughout the year.

    Take what you want,,,,,leave the rest.

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    I use instinctive training which I do not have my routine set for that day and is determine on how I feel and energy/focus ect.. If I am going only to stay a short time say <45 min I may do only 2-3 sets low volume & heavy.

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