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Thread: Training Ladies

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    Training Ladies

    I got two different girl is a soph. and she plays softball. She wants to get more toned. I have been told cardio is the key....but, for how long and how many days a week? IS DIET VERY IMPORTANT? and if so what should I do about that. Then, I have two 20 year old girls that are wanting me to train them. They are wanting to get ready for the summer. One could use some tone and one could use some muscle but she wants some abs(as all women do). What do you recommend I do with them? As far as training splits and all. LET ME KNOW

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    Are you posting this in like EVERY forum?

    I responded in the diet forum already.


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    I recommed that you do NOT train them, as you have no idea how to safely and effectively prescribe exercise~

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