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Thread: sholder issues

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    sholder issues

    Ive only been lifting for 4 months now, and i take a deep respect to the knowledge and nutrition behind lifting weights. My friend injured his sholder and i laughed at it thnkin i was invinsable. BUT! i was doing some chest flies lying down to failure and my arm snapped back and i forgot to let go of the weight.

    If you can picture this mistake you can almost feel the sholder pain involved as my sholder was pulled back. Whenever i got injured before this in hockey or running it only stayed for about a week max. Its been 2 weeks now and its a little better but it still hurts when i raise my hand above my head. Not alot just a little a guy at the gym told me the same thing happened to him adn he had a masage therapist help him out.

    Im a poor student but ill pay for one if it will heal me i don't want this to be a prolong injury i feel stupid not training my sholders. If anyone has had a similar injury maybe some input on how long it ussually takes or some remedies to help speed up recovery. Im currently not working it out.

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    I hurt my shoulder a year ago. It just takes time . Dont workout untill you cant feel the pain anymore. Use this time to build up your legs. Let your injury heal. Go see someone about some therapy that you can do to rehabilitate it. Find out how long it should take for it to heal or at least what you did to it. Make sure it is nothing serius.

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