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    dont know what to do about working out legs?

    I have been lifting for about 2 1/2 years consistently and i workout my legs but my legs are huge to begin with that. I Just have fat legs and i wouldnt mind getting them more muscular but i dont want them to get bigger> WHat should I do IS there ne workouts i should do or shouldnt do? Im 20 y/o and im in shape its just my legs are really fat i am a 38 waist. Thank

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    If they are fat, then lose the fat and see what you have left.

    Then re-evaluate.

    I hold just about no fat ever on my legs, so I don't see how much fat you could really be holding.


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    Everyone has different bodyfat distribution patterns most guys just hold ot the the abdominal region untill they get quite fat, at which point it begins to spill over to the extremities. Like Swole, my legs have a paper thin fat layer unless I am quite **** fat, and this is true for the majority of guys unless they are pretty fat. But......some guys carry bodyfat on their legs and arms and the ones that do so tend to pack less around the gut, so they TEND to look leaner even at a higher overal bodyfat %. Get the fat off first and take it from there. If you don't want anymore leg size keep you rep range low. That will help lots.

    Iron Addict

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    Get your diet i check and the fat will go away without working out. Now Im not saying to stop working out but, since you will be doing both it should start to go away pretty fast.
    If you are bulking try a cutting cycle, then after you have loss the fat. Start sculpting your legs.

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    i agree with SC... lean down and then eval., until you do that, you won't know how good your legs are, and when you do that, you can see which part of your quads you need to work most, and can do that...

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