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Thread: had the flu

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    had the flu

    hey guys. Ive had the stomch flu for the past 4 days. Havent been able to eat sh*t. Ive lost about five pounds so far. The good news is that im finally starting to eat alittle, except i fill full real quick. My question is, is the five pounds i lost muscle, since i havent eaten much lately. And if it is, is it completely gone. Have i lost all the muscle that ive put on the past couple of months. This kind of sh*t really makes me mad. It took me a good 5 months to put those five pounds on, and its gone within 5 days.

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    that weight will come back quick and you might even see an extra pound or two

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    I had the flu with symptoms for almost 4 weeks, had a high fever for four days straight. This happened in the middle of February, had to cancel my trip to the Arnold Classic. Anyway I lost about 12 pounds, wasn't hungry for a couple of weeks and had to force myself to eat soup. When I finally felt good enough to get through a workout I felt like I lost about 15% - 20% on the weight I could lift. I have since been eating like a horse and lifting regularly and I am back to the original weight and strength. It is a pain to go through, I think next year I am going to start getting the flu shots. I think you should get back what you lost in 2-3 weeks max. Mine was worse because I was sick for much longer.

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