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    2 quick questions

    I know while on a cycle, the body tends to be able to recover quicker. Because of this fact, is working abs three times a week too much even on a cycle? Lets assume the cycle is 500mg of Sustanon a week. Something like, Monday, Wednesday, Friday for abs? Also, as long as I stay within my target heart range, is it still ok to do cardio on a cycle? I still would like to lose a little more body fat but I dont want to take away from my strength and mass gains from my cycle. How much and how often can I do cardio?
    I am 6 foot even, 170 pounds and about 8 to 10 % BF.


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    I am one to believe abs can be worked more . One day you can do no weight exercises and the next with. If you are bulking then cardio should be minimal but again it depends on specific goals. When you loose fat(weight) expect some deminished strength initially. 10% bf is pretty good bro, maybe just do cardio one day a week for cardiovascular health.

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