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    Unhappy wrist pain help!!

    hey guys my right wrist has been hurting lately and i dunno what to do ive never had any problems with my wrist untill now, its a sharp pain right in the joint of my right wrist, and when i rotate it to the right with my left hand helping it pops prety bad not to bad but its not fun at all, does anyone no what i can do to help this?? i heard of wearing wrist wraps but i dunno i dont wanna make my wrist dependent on those things so if anyone could help that would be great thanks

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    your grip is prob messed up on bench press or curls (wrists tend to cock backwards for people with minimal grip strength or if you go too heavy)

    if it hurts too much id take some time off. use wraps if u must but itll only make your wrists weaker.

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    I would take a little time off of the heavy lifts. I had this same problem and it ended up going away after awhile. It mainly effected my benchpress cause of holding alot of weight. I don't belive in using wraps. I think it will weaken your wrist after time. If you need to, use them a little bit, just don't get used to using them.

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    I had the same problem.

    Your bones are actually rubbing together. When you rotate your wrist the bones turn. Heavy lifts without proper rest will do this to you.

    You need rest. I went to the doc and got a cortizone shot.. and laid off it for 3 weeks. Good as new.

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