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    Bad recovery time

    Yo bruthas,

    I recon my recovery time i very bad...

    I have been training for over 10 years and have very good knowlege about training, nurtitions and so on.

    The soreness has bother me from day one. If I do train hard (as I usually do) I ALWAYS get muscle soreness up to 3-4 days. I eat good food, get enough sleep etc, but still.

    The soreness is often seen as a "novice" experience.

    One thing I have notice though is that I respond very good to moderat training (i.e 3 days a week, compound exc. 45min).

    I now drink about 10 cups of green tea - and it is defently influence on the immunesystem in a good way.

    Have any comments?

    If you guys have any similar experiance ith soreness and remedys, please tell.

    Besta luck bro`s
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