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Thread: box squats

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    box squats

    i here a lot of guys talking about box squats.i have never seen it done.would someone describe it for me?

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    Basically you put a box under you while you sqat and touch your azz on it each time you go down. makes it a 90 degree squat each time you go down.

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    At westside the actually sit back all the way on the box.

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    check this out. LINK

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    When you sit back on the box you want to release your hips... don't just touch and go. If you are really interested in lseeing what a box squat looks like and how its done correctly, then buy Louies videos. Good visuals and instruction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr.shred
    At westside the actually sit back all the way on the box.
    As Dr. Shed said, check out some articles from Westside Barbell Club. Choose a box that allows you to go slightly below parallel. Take a wide stance and keep your torso as upright as you can. Concentrate on sitting back onto the box. Come to complete stop and reverse the movement. For a better description check out Louie Simmons or Dave Tate's recommendations.

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    when box squatting. You squat down to a box, keep the core tight all the time. Roll back slightly as you touch the bench the forward and drive up. chest out and get the hips under your chest and use your glutes.

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    I freakin love box squats.. I stopped doing them for a while but am gonna pick them back up i got my most leg size from them.. i usually just take a bench and put it under me when i squat.. love it

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    I love them personally, I do them once a month and usually go another 10-15 degrees beyond the 90 degree mark...oh what a feeling.

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    Box squats are great. They develop great starting strength/power out of the hole of yr squat. If you plan on competing use a box that puts u where your competition depth will be.
    Low Low boxsquats help alot with deadlift starting strength/power as well.

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