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Thread: cardio help.

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    cardio help.

    ok, i think i may need a little help with this decision. I am cutting down for about 15 weeks and i was planning on doing intense cardio one week and the next week doing moderate to light intensity cardio, than back to intense cardio for a week, so on and so forth. I am currently at about 12% bf with a great, strict diet. Do you think this would be alright, or should i just stick to the intense cardio all the time every week, instead of alternating?

    It would look something like this:

    Week 1-- Tues. - Sunday, 50 min cardio (intense) example - running
    Week 2-- Tues.- Sunday, 50 min cardio (light) example - power walking
    week 3-- Tues.- Sunday, 50 min cardio (intense) example - running
    week 4-- cont.

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    For best fat loss, low-intensity cardio, at 65-75% MHR is best.......

    Also, give this a read:

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