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    workout critique

    Hello everyone Im bored at work and just wanted my workout program to be reviewed. Im cutting up.

    Monday- 9:45 a.m. cardio=50mins on exercice bike 59-64% max heart rate
    7:45 p.m. Chest= Incline barbell 3X8,6,4
    Incline dumbell 3X 8,8,6 then drop set
    Flat Flyes 3X8,8,6 then drop set

    Shoulders= dumbell press 3X8,6,4
    rear delt raise 2X14,12,10
    lateral reaise 2X12,10

    then i throw in some ab exercises

    Tuesday-11:15 a.m. cardio=50mins on exercise bike 59-64% max heart rate
    7:45 p.m. Back= Deadlifts 3X8,6,4
    shoulder width pulldowns 3X8,6,4
    Dont know the name variation between pulldowns and rows 3X8,6,4
    Seated cable rows 3X8,6,4

    Traps= Barbel shrugs 2X12
    Shrugs using bench machine 2X12

    then in throw in some forearm exercises

    Wed -9:45 a.m cardio is the same as monday
    weights off day

    Thurs 11:45 a.m cardio is the same as tuesday
    7:45 p.m. Legs= Leg press 3X8,6,4
    Leg curls 3X10,10,8 drop set
    Leg extensions 3X8,8,8
    one leg standing calf raises 3Xto failure
    Seated calf raises 3X30,20,12, then drop set
    standing calf raises 3X20
    After legs I add 25 mins of cardio on exercise bike 70 max heart rate.

    Friday 9:45 a.m. cardio is the same as monday
    7:45 p.m. Arms= Triceps= straight bar pushdowns 3X10,8,8
    dips 3Xfailure
    Seated dumbell tricep extension with twist at end 3X8,6,4
    Modified version of skull crushers 3X8,6,4

    Biceps= Alternate seated curls 3X8,6,4
    standing hammer curls crossing over chest 3X8,8,6
    seated hammer curls 3X8,6,4 then drop set

    then i throw in some forearm exercises

    Saturday anytime of the day I throw in some cardio for 50 mins
    Weights off day

    Sunday Off day for everything, then monday I start the same routine again

    Does anyone see any problems with my workout program. Any help is appreciated

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    Is the cardio on an empty stomach? It should be, if not.
    Workout looks good.
    Might have problems hitting traps the day after chest and shoulders? I would
    I would do bent rows on back day
    I would squat on leg day
    Rep schemes look good
    Best of Luck

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    Not exactly on empty stomach. I try just to have a few protien shakes before cardio.

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    I don't see squats or a deadlift variation. Rows?

    It's pretty well laid out. I think you are robbing yourself by not doing those compound lifts.

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    Try cardio earlier on E, and use a 65-75% of MHR.

    You're barely moving w/that heart-rate.


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