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    This has worked well for me

    Been at this for about 4 weeks:

    Day 1: Chest and Bicepts.

    5 sets flat
    5 sets incline dumbbell
    4 sets incline flys
    4 sets dumbbell pullovers laying on back.
    4 sets hammer curls
    4 sets curls
    4 sets strait bar
    3 drop sets dumbbell curls.

    Day 2: Back/Triceps/Lats
    5 sets heavy bent over rows
    5 sets wide grip pull-ups until failure
    5 sets one arm ďmower pullsĒ
    3 sets drop seated rows
    5 sets Pushdowns as heavy as possible
    4 sets 2 handed dumbbell mule kicks (On back over my head, from ears to strait)
    3 sets reverse grip pull downs
    6 sets strait bar shrugs
    3 sets dumbbell shrugs

    Day 3: Legs/shoulders
    5 sets squats (LOVE them)
    3 sets sled
    5 sets leg extention
    5 sets dead lifts
    3 sets leg curls
    5 sets dumbbell over head press
    3 sets Arnold press
    3 sets or side and front raises

    Ever other work out I do abs and Calves normaly
    6 sets seated calve raises (Heavy heavy)
    6 sets standing calve raises (Higher rep)
    6 sets hanging leg lifts (weighted heavy)
    6 sets weighted situps (Higher reps)
    3 sets side sits with weight (higher weight)

    I fit 4 work outs in a week, so they rotate one day I do twice a week.

    Iím 196lbs now, have put on 6lbs doing this so far in a matter of about a month. Iíve lost 6% body fat as well. Iím eating up towards 4,500-5000 calories and keeping it clean. 300-400g of protein a day.

    I know people will be able to give me a lot of advice, and correct some mistakes. Bottom line though, my work outs have been so intense. They are as if Iím the only person in the entire room. I am loving my leg work outs, I always feel like I can do more weight so I keep adding. By the end of the work outs I donít understand how I can do it, but I just donít think about it and do it. I fall asleep sore and tiered and ****ing LOVE it! Some things are shorter than others, like my arms I am not hitting as hard. I'm trying to work on the parts that are lacking though.
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