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    New Rep Scheme question

    Hey whats up guys I am 186 pounds and currently trying to cut im around 15-16% BF

    I have the morning cardio down at 65% max hrt rate for 60mins empty stomach.

    Now I was thinking of changing my lifting routine up a bit.

    I usually do 3 sets of 8 reps with close to max weight and it seemed to do the trick for me so far.

    Ive never tried to cut before and heard that It might help if I change things up a bit and try lower weight higher reps while trying to cut and then return to my normal routine after the 6 weeks.

    Do you guys think it would be helpful to switch it up to 4 sets of 15 reps at a lower weight while im cutting?

    Im not sure if in the end it will just cause me to loose strength or actually help out my cutting process?

    I am cycling some orals for this as well for the cut Superdrol(17aaMethyl masteron ) and M4OHN 17aa Methyl 4 hydroxy nandrolone plus im using ephedrine and caffiene to help shed the BF.

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    I continue to lift heavy no matter what.

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    15 reps is pretty high. if you're worried about losing muscle on your diet, I would suggest trying 10 reps to failure with max effort, but no supersets or anything like that. If you have your cardio and diet dialed in, that should be more than enough. When cutting, lift to keep.

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    Over 15 reps is useless unless you are just trying to developed muscular endurance. I would try a rep scheme between 6-12 at 67 - 85% of your 1rm and try to overload (go up) at least on one of your sets(weight or rep) every week.

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    dont change anything but your diet and amount of cardio. You dont want to loose the muscle. If you loose the fat the muscles will show. No since in letting your muscles skim by while cutting.
    kick their ass and eat very clean. And you will be a happy man

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    Only change the reps if you feel like you have plateaued on your current program. Otherwise, stay with the reps and sets that you are at and do as the others said. It will be difficult to maintain your strength will cutting but do the best you can.

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