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    workout problems

    Hello everyone! i am a newbie to this forum, as i am usually looking in the diet forum. Anyway, ive been lifting since 7th grade, now im a senior about to graduate. i always lifted well throughout middle school highschool, and after football season i started going to golds gym everyday. well anyway, i had no idea that carbs fats sugars protein, etc did anything and i ate candy bars a lot, especially butterfinger. i probably had the worst eating habits out of anyone in my school. so i figured out how to diet, which was a drastic change going from ice cream to brown rice... and now i have figured out i have been working out bad the entire time, and doing cardio wrong!!
    THis is me now:
    Monday- Full upperbody, 1 hour running
    Tuesday- Full lowerbody abs, 1 hour running
    Wednesday- Full upperbody 1 hour running
    Thursday- Full lowerbody abs 1 hour runnig
    Friday- Full upper body extreme workout, 45 minutes running
    Saturday- 1 hour run
    After this morning i started reading that running is bad, and that working out the same muscle more than once every 4-5 days is bad... so heres what im trying to do now:
    But first, stats- 18, 170pounds, not sure on bodyfat but not fat, and i want to try to lose a couple more pounds off my stomach.

    Monday- Chest/upper-Back(pecs, lats), 45 minutes speed walking (gosh i feel like a soccer mom)</br>

    Tuesday- Shoulders (delts traps), 45 minutes speed walking[/br]

    Wednesday- Legs (front squat,squat,calfs, hammys), no cardio = (

    Thursday- lowerback hips abs (powerclean dead lift ab situps bak), 45 minutes speed walk

    Friday- Arms (bicep tricep forearm?), no cardio

    Saturday- none

    Sunday- 45-1hour cardio with no workout maybe?

    Anyway, thats my plan... i got the diet down almost exactly where i want it. i got my new protein factory shake coming in thursday so i guess i will start tommorow. Does this work? ive been searching a lot on this forum and ive found some info but im still concerned i cant do 2 muscles for a full hour, should i stop when my muscles stop moving or what? I take protein and creatine and glutamine only

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    ok looks decent, thank god you changed your workout, you want to try to isolate the muscles, and unless you are experienced, i wouldnt superset just yet, until you are able to make your body react as a unit. since you are just now switching over, you should start off with this

    monday - cardio (however long u want) chest/biceps

    tuesday - quads, glutes, hams

    wed - abs, obliques, ( this is a light day )

    thurs - shoulders and triceps

    friday - upper back/lower back ( this includes deads, rows, chins) and then you could do some wrist curls for your forearms..

    as far as your question for sets/ranges, you should start with 3-4 sets for each exercise, doing 6-10 reps PERFECT form.. on your last set, go till failure, rest about 2 minutes, and then do a dropset ( which is dropping to a low weight ) and then burn as many as you can, FLEX your muscles inbtween sets, this will get the blood pumping good.. also get 8 hrs of sleep a night, drink gal of water every day, and you said your diet is in check so.. there you go

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    just for starters u may want to break up the chest/ back day and do your upper back the same day as your lower back. that kinda thing hasnt really been popular since arnold use to do it in the 80's.

    now about the "speed walking". to really get into shape you probably want to through some interval training into your routine. check your mill and see if it has this type of program- it combines short burts with longer slow periods. if you still continue to walk you should be monitoring your heart rate. if your hear rate is below 70%, or about 140 beats per minute in your case, you wont be getting the job done.

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    i have no problem giong over 70% as i can run about 5-6miles a day. only thing is im really confused on the whole cardio aspect. to burn as much fat do i want to stay right at 70% or can i be +/- about 5%? and also, i have a stair climber in my house and i could start using it. should i be using the stair climber on a harder setting (more slope). and is there anyway to check your MHR more accurately than the old 10seconds count # of beats *6? i just dont have money to buy one of those heart rate things, or at least i think so, how much do they run? also, i like to do a lot of powerclean dead lift front squat and explosion stuff. would this be incorporated on the quad day?

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