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    Need answers guys, look at my daily routine!! ( Pro's get in here )

    I started biking about 3 months ago, I was 194lbs at the time. Since then I really started to get into it, headphones heart monitor and all.. Now 3 months later I am doing about 45 minutes in the morning with a heart rate of about 155 average ( 25 years old ) and an hour at night with the same HR. Been eating pretty healthy, although I need a diet plan ( Will post in that section too )

    I am now about 168lbs.. Don't get me wrong, I look awesome I love the way I feel and look, my love handles are almost gone and my vein in my bicep is almost out, I feel to be ripped though I will be about 155 which is WAYYY to light!!!

    I want to slow my weight loss down allot, but I love to bike so much.. going through a break up with my G/F biking is the only way to get some stress out.

    I do workout pretty heavy on M-W-F

    My workout is like this, please let me know if I should change anything..

    Pull ups 2x12 ( 3 months ago I was doing 2x4 )
    Seated rows 4x10 4x10 4x8 4x6
    Stiff dead lifts ( super light ) 3x10 3x10 3x10
    Dumbell rows 4x12 4x10 4x8 4x6
    Barbell curs 4x10 4x10 4x8 4x6

    Flat bench barbell 4 sets, first 2 are a warm up with 135 x10 the second two are 205x6 and 225x3 ( got very week from losing this much weight )
    Incline dumbell 3x8 3x6 3x4 going to 80's on the last set
    Dips 3x12
    Tricep pull downs 4x10 4x10 4x8 4x6
    Dumbell flys 2x8 2x8 superseted with over head tricep 2x8 2x8

    Over head push presses 4x10 4x10 4x8 4x6
    Than I do barbell lifts up to my chin ( for sholders ) 4x10 4x10 4x8 4x6
    Lat. raises with dumbells 3x8 3x8 3x8

    Obviously you guys see no legs here, and I know I need to do them, but my body for some reason GETS SO **** SORE.. For example EVEN if I don't do this much cardio because I do skip the morning cardio sometimes My legs ARE SORE 24x7, ALL THE TIME!! The bike kicks the crap out of them.. I would loveto throw squats in there, but I can promise you all if I do, I will not be able to do ANYCARDIO at all.. I get and stay sore for atleast a week after squating ( and yes I used to do it all the time so my body was used to it )
    It sucks because I cannot NOT NOT! get sore, on any part of my body ( I wonder if diet has a role in this )

    So that's it boys, any input you wanna tell me??
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    a building
    id say thats a huge part of ur diet....after the first couple times u cycle, u should be sore, but after a while, ur muscles should start to get use to it and the soreness should slow down the more u do it....only thing i could think of would be while ur cycling ur not supplying enough nutrition to ur muscles to keep them recovering correctly. a normal workout type, u break down the muscles then supply enough nutrition and they build back stronger and more muscle fibers..basically u break them down but they never recover or get to build themselves back from the lack of nutrition....what is ur diet looking like....?????

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    Yeah, modify your diet accordingly.

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    from what i have gathered on here if you stay so sore for a long time you need to up your protein intake possibly.

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