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Thread: my 2month plan

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    my 2month plan

    hello everyone, ive been researching a lot lately and decided to go with a 5-split workout routine. i just got my new protein today from protein factory and i want to totally change the way i workout. heres the plan so far

    Goals- Gain muscle and 5 pounds of muscle while shredding body fat over the next 2 months
    Stats- 172, 5'10ish, dont know body fat, 18yearsold, working out for 5 years
    Monday- Am cardio
    Lower Back/ Abs
    1. Dead lift (5 sets)
    2. Lowerback workout, which is just like doing a situp but reverse and on a machine that lets you lay down while being 5 feet in the air.. have no idea what the name is
    3. Tons of abs

    Tuesday- Am cardio
    1.Front Squat (5 sets)
    2.Leg press/hammy press (5 sets)
    3.Lunges (5 sets)
    4. Inverted Squat (5 sets).. not sure of the name, but its the one where you lay down and push the metal square up, you usually put on a lot of weight for this one
    5. Calfs (5sets)

    Wednesday- Off

    Thursday- Shoulders/Traps
    1. Military Press(5sets)
    2. Possibly Incline?
    3. Shrugs (6 sets)
    4. Deltiod Flies ( 5 sets)
    5. Deltiod Isolation
    (i need help on this day)

    Friday- Am cardio
    Back/ Bicep
    1. DB curls (5 sets)
    2. Bicep machine (5 sets)
    3. T-bar (5 sets) |
    4. DB raises (5 sets) This is the machine-> |
    5. exercise where you sit down and pull back on this >-----------|
    Saturday Am cardio
    Chest Tricep
    1. Bench (duh) (5 sets)
    2. Decline (5 sets)
    3. Tricep pushdowns ( 6 sets)
    4. Skull crushers (5 sets)
    5. Pec-Flys (5 sets)

    Sunday- Church! then a nice cheat meal (subway hopefully)
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Alright, so thats the plan, i still neeed to figure out little things, heres the diet and breakdown of day

    6:45am- wake up
    7:00am- Hit stair climber for 45 minutes at 70MHR
    8:30am- meal 1- 7 egg whites and 1/2 cup oatmeal
    11:00am- meal 2- Chicken breast 8-10oz , 1/2cup brown rice, 2 pieces wholewheat bread
    2:30pm- meal 3- preworkout, 8oz lean cut steak with peanuts
    3:15ish- workout
    4:00- PWO (30 grams hydro540 protein, 30grams dex, 30 grams malt)
    6:00- Steak + Natty Peanutbutter (possibly flax oil too?)
    830- Peanuts and more steak or peanuts and 40grams whey+flax.
    i dont measure very precise, so this is a general summary, im trying to get like 215 grams protein a day.

    Anyway, thats the whole thing! took me all english class to organize all this.I got prom saturday, so it will be last time to drink. One advantage i have to this workout/diet plan is that i wont be drinking for 2 months. and i havnt done that in a long time so it should help a lot. any workout problems concerns/diet concerns please post, i start this monday and i really wana figure everything out before that. Thanks very much!

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    Getting Fat
    That workout is just plain horrid.

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