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    Silent Warrior - An Inspirational Writing

    Silent Warrior - An Inspirational Writing
    By Citruscide @ **********.

    He walks into the gym. His hat is pulled low. He is wearing a sweatshirt, and it is inside out. His workout pants have some sort of logo on them… but it has far eroded though the hardworking sweat and passage of time. His head is low, perhaps thinking of the metal he will brand as his own today, or lost in the blaring tunes of RAGE that pound through the 8 year old headphones plugged into his ears.

    Do the women notice him as he walks in? Do the men realize this man only cares about crushing iron and pushing his muscles to the extreme limit of human capacity? Who cares? He is not there for the glory of others, but for a personal glory that can only be understood by the Brotherhood of Iron.

    Today, the DEADLIFT. Most don’t know the feeling of putting 405 on the bar and being able to stand up with it. Even fewer know the feeling of moving 600lbs in the same manner. The Warrior does… and the feeling draws him like an incurable addiction. Beyond pain, beyond injury, and beyond all sense of general well-being – this Silent Warrior will press on to lift as much weight as his body can possibly pull.

    Only a few appreciate the movement. Some think “Wow. That’s a lot of weight!” but others know the true reality of the movement. They can see the pain, the sweat, the laws of physics being bent right before them. They see the face, veins in the forehead, head shaking slightly and teeth gritting with eyes clinched shut. The sound… is more of a primordial grunt than a scream… bellows through the gym’s lower levels. This is the sound he makes. This is how he talks. This is how his blood boils for one-hour a day… he walks into a gym… and speaks a language that only few recognize and even fewer comprehend.

    This is the Silent Warrior – Recognize Him.


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    Hell Yeah nice one. Yeah 600 lbs is a hard day in the gym for some Deads. I cant even imagine doin that much weight. But the sound that bellows is familiar sound. Keep the threads comming.

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    brotherhood of iron!!!! i love that. hard to the core!!

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