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    Cardio while keeping your body hot?

    Hey guys, just wondering...

    How many of you guys do your cardio with a ton of clothing on in order to lose fat?

    It seemed like an old wives' tale to me - that it would induce fatburning, but recently i found out that training in hot conditions will make the hemoglobin in your body less saturated with oxygen, hence your respiration must work harder and as a result more calories are expended....

    Doesn't seem healthy for your heart tho...

    Any thoughts....

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    never heard of it, however heat definitely dehydrates the body and makes it much harder to do exercise so you have to push harder

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    lol im not telling :D
    lol yeah cardio to Sweat is reatarded you loose water weight mostly and this dehydration slows down your matabo and has many other horrible effects... t shirt and shorts.. k thnx.

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