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    right bi stronger than left bi question

    my right bicep is about 2-3 reps stronger than my left. For example, if I curl a 45lb dumbell with my right arm, i can do about 10 reps. but my left arm is only good for about 7-8. should i limit my right arm to what my left can do or train the both to the max? So should i go ahead and do the ten reps with my right arm or stop at 8 to keep it even between them?

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    I was havin this problem with my right arm, I am left handed, so I would start with my weaker arm do as many as I could, while still keeping good form, then match it with my left arm, this helped a ton. Hope this helps you out, and good luck.

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    I have the same problem. A guy at the gym suggested that I start with my right arm and do My normal reps, but with the left go untill failure which should be before your normal rep range of your right. Wait a few seconds and rep out untill failure again with your left arm, if you still have not matched you right arm. Then wait another second and rep out again, and so on untill you match the reps on your right arm.

    This has been working well for me try it if ya want.
    Good luck

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