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    Shoulder Problem ,Help

    my right shoulder(DELTOID,ANTERIOR) pop out slightly infront of my chest,maybe cause i broke my whole arm when i was a kid? or maybe from doing ARNOLDS?????? in 2001?????

    is there anything i can do to get in back in the right position,it makes it look like my chest has fat when the Shoulder overlaps with chest skin.....

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    cant help u there doofy.....sorry bro

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    I have a similar problem with my left shoulder. It dosen't look as big and rounded than the right. The trap also looks very flat. It due to the fact I went through a phase of constantly smashing my collar bone to pieces playing sport. You could try seeing a physio, they might be able to manipulate it back into position. Or go see your doctor their might be excessive bone growth where the break was. A little bit of creative surgery may resolve your problem.

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    try a chiropractor d00fy...i have friends who get their shoulders set back in place every so often

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    I would agree with D3m3nt3d. I have a keen interest in shoulder and knee injuries as i've had my fare share of them over the past few years, and I've only heard of the prob that u describe with your shoulder once or twice. Most likely if you get a chiropractor that is able to do this, you'll have to go back more than once. I would also recommend alot of stretching for your shoulder (as long as its relativley pain free...) as that could possibly help you out, good luck....

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