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    help with mass/speed workouts

    trying to get 22 pounds heavier and looking to stay fast. workout looks like this
    monday- chest tri
    tuesday- traps delt
    wednesday- off (speed workout)
    thursday- legs (back squat, hamstring, leg press, powerclean)
    friday- back bi
    saturday- off

    thats my workout so far. tommorow is wednesday and any last minute comments on if this is smart or not would help. i will be stretching a lot and doing lots of warmups and following a buddies workout who is following a speed workout planned by his strenghth coach mad dog at university of texas.

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    I was told not to do legs after a speed workout, since the speed workout puts a lot of stress on your legs. I'd do the legs on a different day.

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    i would move legs to another day and put delts in the leg day slot. not a good idea to do delts after chest and tri. your pressing ability will suffer.

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