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    Help best method

    i have read and always heard that lifting heavy is the best route to putting on size. now i know it will throw your strength through the roof. my question is- i want to train in a way that i can put size on my whole body. in the past year i have been lifting heavy- doing 2 sets of like 4-5 reps. when i was on a cycle i got very big. but i think either way you would get big as long as you had good form-diet and training. anyhow on and off my cycles i would like to know if i should go lighter and do 3-4 sets and get atleast 8reps. then once i can do that easy move the weight up or increase the reps? thats my thought..i understand every ones body responds different but curious to see whats the most effective way. put it this way for a month i have been using 100lbs dumdbells for bench- three sets of 4-5reps this is for just flat bench. i have heard anything under 6-8 reps isn't going to add any sizeand isn't really doing anything but building up strength.

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    For muscular strength, the general recommendation is 1-5 reps. For muscular hypertrophy, it is 8-12 reps. You really have to experiment and see what your body responds best to. I always like having a strength day, in the week, and repetition day, later in the week. For example:
    Monday: Max Strength Day for Lower Body
    Tuesday: Max Strength Day for Upper Body
    Thursday: Repetition Day for Lower Body
    Friday: Repetition Day for Upper Body

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    Depending on what kind of bodytype you are, ecto,meso,endomorph, you want to keep it in the rep ranges where your body will best respond to.
    i'm about 80% Endo/20% Meso, so my best rep ranges for size, is between 6-10. I usally shoot for 8.

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