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    Need input on my mass-building split

    First of all, thanks in advance to everyone who takes the time to read this and critique it, it is much appreciated
    My plan is just to rest when I feel like it, which is pretty much 2 on 1 off
    Right now I am natural, 19 years old, 6'1 220lbs 10%bf been lifting seriously for 4-5 years
    Reps are betwerrn 8-12, Squats at 15
    Back and Bis: 4 Sets Bent Over Rows @ 45 degree angle
    4 Sets Close Grip Lat Pull-Downs
    3 Sets Wide Grip Lat Pull-Downs
    3 Sets Close-Grip Rows
    3 Sets Deadlifts
    4 Sets Preacher Curls
    3 Sets Hammer Curls
    3 Sets Concentration Curls
    Chest and Tris: 4 Sets Incline Barbell Presses
    4 Sets Flat Dumbell Presses
    3 Sets Decline Barbell Presses
    3 Sets Dips
    3 Sets Dumbell Flys
    4 Sets Skull Crushers
    4 Sets Push Downs
    4 Sets Push Downs with flare at end (using rope handle)
    Legs: 4 Sets Squats
    4 Sets Leg Extensions
    4 Sets Leg Curls
    4 Sets Standing Calf Raises
    4 Sets Seated Calf Raises
    Shoulders: 4 Sets Military Press
    4 Sets Arnold Press
    4 Sets Upright Rowns
    3 Sets British Lifts
    3 Sets Front Raises
    (sometimes also do calves on this day)
    Arms: 4 Sets Close Grip bench
    4 Sets Skull crushers
    4 Sets Push-Downs
    3 Sets Push-Downs with flare
    4 Sets straight bar curls
    4 Sets Preacher Curls
    3 Sets Hammer Curls
    3 Sets Concentration Curls

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    Ok first off, I like the 2 on 1 off plan....Next, if ur going for mass I think your doing too much. I was like this before until i got on this forum and realized more isnt better, its how intense you hit it. Find the good mass excersizes and stick with those. And DO NOT DO 8-12 reps for mass! I woudlnt go more than 8. so like 8 6 6 or something like that. You need a spotter, you will not gain mass without a spotter period.

    For back, i wouldnt do close grip and wide grip pull downs for lats in the same workout, stick to one and go hard, then switch up every 3-4 weeks, everything else looks good.
    For Bi's I would do flat bar bell curls, GREAT FOR MASS and DB hammer curls, 3-4 sets each, thats all you need for Bi's really, take a look at Swoles arm protocol.
    For Chest, Incline BB is good and if you want an even better incline BB exercise check out, I wouldnt do decline, and instead of DB's for flat, do BB and the flys and dips are good.
    For Tri's, take out one of the push down excerisizes and do close grip bench, close grip bench and skull crushers are the best for mass for tricpes.
    For Shoudlers, 18 sets is just way too much. Military is good but I like to bring the bar down the front instead of the back and arnolds are good.

    And for the ARMS day im confused, your already doing Bi's with Back and Tri's with Chest so whats the arm day for? I recommend hitting each muscle once a week HARD, low reps heavy weight good form and make sure your diet in in tact. Overall, cut down on the exercises, way too many sets which will lead to over training. If you hit every sit hard and heavy, you shouldnt be even able to do that many sets. Hope this helps.

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