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Thread: workout routine

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    yerg is offline Associate Member
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    Apr 2005

    workout routine

    Check this out. Any comments??????

    WEEK 1 WEEK 2

    Monday: chest, triceps Monday: back, biceps
    Tuesday: legs Tuesday: legs
    Wed: OFF Wed: OFF
    Thurs: Back,biceps Thurs: chest, triceps
    Friday:chest,triceps Friday: back,biceps
    Sat: OFF Sat: OFF
    Sun: OFF Sun: OFF
    Switch back from week 1 to week 2.

    Test 500 mg per week 10m weeks (Cyp)
    Deca 400 mg per week 10 weeks
    anadrol 75 mg ed 8 weeks

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    Malvino is offline New Member
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    Sholders? also i don't know for sure but working out back n chest back to back seems a little hard on your system why not squeeze working out legs inbetween.

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    yerg is offline Associate Member
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    No actually That is 2 seperate weeks. It didnt come out right. On the left is week one on the right is week two. Shoulders, I dont do..... I feel I get a decent shoulder workout from back and chest....

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    you def have to work at least one day of shoulders in bro you dont want your bis and tris to over power your shoulders

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    DAY 1:
    Work your chest/back/shoulders/abs on the same day...the reason being, is that anything you push (chest) involves your triceps as the secondary group. Anything that you pull (back) involves your biceps. If You over work the secondary muscle helping a primary to get a full workout, the secondaries are too fatigued when it comes time to work them to their full potential.
    Day:2 - off
    Work your legs and shoulders....HARD.
    DAY:4 -off
    Day 5:
    Work your arms and abs...your shoulders will feel good and you will have the energy to to a killer arm workout if you want to, while the chest,back, shoulders and legs are healing. And working your abs won't be a problem today unless you worked them too hard on Monday.

    This is a one on, and one off routine that trains 2 major goups on certain days and works well for me. I usually start back up on chest and back on the 6th day (repeat of workout 1).

    If your workout looked stupid (which it doesn't) I would criticize, but I thought I would just post my own and let you get some different angles.

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