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    Question Upping Frequency: 2-Day Split, Twice A Week, Critique Welcome

    I used to train with a higher frequency, but decided to revert to a more traditional 4-day split hitting muscles once a week. Nice change of pace, but a plateau has been hit and I am not progressing at the rate I was with the higher-frequency split. From experience I respond more to higher frequency. Similarly, please note I prefer/respond to higher volume than most.

    From previous splits I know each session will last for ~45-50 minutes. I train shoulders with legs as I have found this to be the most balanced. Upper/Lower caused my upper workouts to be too long and lower too short. Also Lower & Arms/Upper splits I tried a while back were ok but I felt my arms overtraining as they were being worked virtually every day. All suggestions and critique welcome.

    Workout A: Legs, Shoulders, Abs - (Monday)
    Squat x 4
    Legpress x 4
    SLDL x 3
    Lying Hamstring Curls x 3
    Seated calf raises x 3
    Standing Calf raises OR Donkey Raises x 3 /alternate weekly
    Military press x 4
    Side laterals OR Lying Laterals x 4 /alternate weekly
    Misc. Abs

    Workout B: Chest, Back (Width Emphasis), Arms - (Tuesday)
    Incline DB x 4
    Decline DB OR Chest Dips x 4 /alternate weekly
    BB Row x 4
    Chins OR Wide Pullups x 4 /alternate weekly
    Close-grip preacher curls x3
    DB Hammer Curls x 3
    Close-grip BP x 3
    V-Bar Pushdown x 3
    Shrugs x 3

    Workout C: Legs, Shoulders, Abs - (Thursday)
    Squat x 4
    Zercher Squat or Duck Squat x 4 /alternate weekly
    Good Mornings x 3
    Standing Hamstring Curls x 3
    75-Rep Calf Raises x 1
    DB Shoulder Press x 4
    Rear laterals OR Reverse crossovers (rear delt) x 4 //alternate weekly
    Misc. Abs

    Workout D: Chest, Back (Thickness Emphasis), Arms - (Friday)
    Incline DB x 4
    Hammer Chest Press OR Cable Flyes x 4 /alternate weekly
    Rack Pulls x 4
    One-arm rows OR Long-bar rows x 4 /alternate weekly
    Spider Curls x 3
    Incline DB Curls x 3
    Skullcrusher OR Reverse BP x 3 /alternate weekly
    Rope Pushdowns x 3
    Behind-the-body Shrugs x 3

    That comes to ~30 sets total per workout. Large muscles get ~8 sets/workout, smaller muscles ~6 sets per workout.

    Cheers and thanks in advance for input,

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    maybe you should try switching rep ranges, up the intensity, change your exercises/order they are performed, or if it's been a good deal of time that you've been going hard at the weights take a week off! i dont think that upping the frequency is the best idea, especially putting bodyparts like chest and back together, and legs and shoulders! You cant possiblily lift intense enough to stimulate the 2nd muscle group enough, especially when it's a big one!

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    I could never do that spil efficiently. too much shoulder then chest... chest than shoulders workout. I dont see enough time to recover other than arms maybe...

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    you do too many muscle group per workout.. you should seperated them all in 4 workout.. IMO

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