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    preventing muscle loss

    Hey guys,

    So for this month, i intend to burn 3500 cal a day. (through cardio-machines)

    My intentions are too drop from a 250 down to 230 in 30 days
    (dropping this weight is sport orientated)

    One problem i need to clear up, is how to keep muscle from catabolizing, so far the only thing ive done is add more protien to my diet

    I started this system 2 days ago.

    Thanks in advance for all advice!

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    thats goin to be a challenge to drop all that weight that fast. im pretty sure glutamine and flax seed oil may help support muscle. also take a multi-vit just to stay healthy.

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    take all your vitamins like a big boy and remember that protein is going to be a key ingredient in retaining your muscle, seems like youll be fine.

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