We've all heard this term. While we may think it's applied to injuries that we push through, its not. Any type of injury requires rest and proper rehab to return to or close to normal. No pain no gain theory is meant to be applied to an injury free workout. You know that unbarable burn you get while training a muscle, the one that makes you stop your set. That is the type of pain in which to push through. When you start pushing through this type of "pain" you will see the gains you hope for. One must realize that working out is not a time of comfort, its a time to explode our muscles, rip them until they burn, and PUSH ourselves farther then the last week. This does not mean doing 20 sets for biceps and triceps, but it means truly and honestly working each set through that "pain", to the point that we are uncomfortable! This is what no pain no gain is about!