I love westside powerlifting and I love doggcrapp training. Nothing makes me grow as doggcrapp but the negative is that it makes me very slow and doesnt do that much for my 1rm strenght in squat and bench. It also neglectes some bodyparts it feels like. Like lowerback. It makes me very rep strong.

Westside makes me very explosive and 1rm strong but it also neglects some bodyparts(quads, biceps) and it doesnt make me grow as much as dc does.

So I want to combine the 2. The explositivity and 1rm strenght from westside with the rep strenght and mass gains of doggcrapp. This is the routine I will try now for a few weeks.

ME bench day
Bench variation to 1rm(wsb way)
Heavy triceps exercise 3*6
Tricep exercise 1 set rest paused
Any pulldown 1 set restpaused
Any row 1 set rest paused(NOT on weeks when deadlift variation is ME exercise)
biceps 1 set rest paused

ME squat day
deadlift, squat, gm variation to 1rm(wsb way)
Heavy ham/lower back exercise 3*6
Quadexercise 1 set
ham exercise 1 set
calf exercise 1 set rest paused

DE bench day
speed bench(wsb style)
Chest exercise 1 set rest paused
Triceps exercise 1 set rest paused
Any row 1 set rest paused if possible
Any pulldown 1 set rest paused
Shoulder exercise 1 set restpaused

DE squat day
Box squats(wsb style)
Lower back exercise(gm, hyper, reverse hyper)3*10-15
Hams 1 set rest paused
Quads 1 set
Calfs 1 set rest paused

On the DE(dynamic effort) days I will only use one rest pause and no static holds. Might drop the restpause on those 2 days also.
On ME(maxium effort) days I will do one or 2 rest pauses along with static holds and a burnout negative at the end of each set. Might drop those things incase I feel overtrained. Since its a 4 day split Im gonna have to make sure I can recover.

The ME wsb exercises will be rotated every week. On squat day I will do some kind of pull one week, gm variation the next and squat variation the week after that.
On bench days I will use as many full rom motions I can think of but with some floor presses and rack lockouts throw in if I feel lockout is a weakspot for me. Also no exercise teach me the proper way to lover the weight as floor press so I think its a very valuable exercise.