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    Forearm pain while curling

    Recently I have developed wrist pain while doing olympic bar curls. I don't go too heavy i can usually bust out with 7-10 reps with perfect form as i execute my sets. It is on the inner part of my wrist, it isn't intense pain but its pain enough to where i do not think i can progress in weight anymore due to the fact that it distracts me from actually curling to the best of my ability. I think it may be because of the type of shoulder exercises and forearm exercises i do because they put a lot of tension on my wrists to support the weight. I am not exactly sure though. I heard from a friend at the gym that maybe I should try compression wraps? Anyways if anyone out there could give me advice or help i'd greatly appreciate cuz it sucks knowing that i can't progress in this wonderful sport .

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    its prob. ur bone. this use to happen to me. get some more calcium in ur diet.

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    or it could be.....

    I noticed the same thing about a year ago. I was gripping the bar WAY TO HARD, and curling my wrists in....ALL BAD, at least for me it was, I developed a ganglean cyst, by my wrist. after some tigerbalm treatment and straight wrist curls along with not gripping intensly hard, the problem went away! ! ! !

    give it a try.

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