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    High reps vs Low reps

    What did bring better results for you? A high volume training or an strength-based training with low volume and low reps, with higher weights.

    I´m thinking about this second option as I think I´m not strong enough to grow, but, by the other hand, I think that low reps won´t bring too much mass. So, what do you think?

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    Getting Fat
    Go with the strength training to get stronger, but increase the number of sets to increase volume, which is highly associated with muscle size.

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    Higher reps is normally more assosiated with gaining definition or strength. But for bulking up and for mass it's usually high weight low reps. Your body type is what is the main key factor though, some people will gain more mass from higher reps, some will from lower reps. Consider switching it up, go high weight, low reps for 2weeks-1month. Then switch it over to Lower weight higher reps.

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    High sets low reps Westside Barbell style works best for me for strength, getting lean, and size.


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