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Thread: low reps...

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    low reps...

    when using low reps in your training whether it be periodization or just switching to another range, will lower reps help to recruit more muscle fiber when you go back to say the hypertrophy phase or back to higher reps in general? or does the higher recruitment of fibers during strength training stop when hypertrophy training is reintroduced???
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    who knows for sure? Physiololgist fight to the death over stuff like this. However I think the higher force needed the greater recruitment. So Im saying if your strength phase makes you stronger as it should. you will then be able to use a heavier weight for higher reps than before. Thus greater recruitment.

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    depends on your muscle fiber type. some ppl are more red fiber dominant, some are more white fiber dominant. most ppl however, fall right in between. you use the different fiber types for different types of exercises. your muscles will only recruit as many fibers as they need to get the job done. if you do low reps and go to "failure" you will be recruiting just as many fibers as compared to doing high reps and going to "failure." if you go to failure, your body has no more fibers to recruit and that is why you cannot continue with that exercise at that time. once your fibers are rested enough, you may conduct the exercise again. this is why different people have to workout differently. if someone is white fiber dominant, they will benefit from low reps more. if someone is red fiber dominatnt, they will benefit from higher reps more.

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