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    Possible injury....or strain

    I am on my very first cycle. Deca and Test. I am 3 1/2 weeks in. All of a sudden my right upper arm has been killin' me. Seems like all three shoulder muscles are involved and sometimes extends down to my bicep. Sometimes it throbs, other times I can't feel it at pain whatsoever. Doesn't really seem like an injury because it doesn't hurt all the time, I'm thinking an overuse strain. Working biceps and chest and shoulders irritates it the most. Any suggestions. I'm freaked about taking time off. I don't want to waste gear.

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    lol im not telling :D
    possible rotator cuff rest it man rest it! and do theraputic excercises for it on a regular basis do a search on google for rotator cuff theraputic movements.

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    does anyone ever get a sharp headach while squating or benching it mostly occurs while squating but sometimes benching the headachs can last for 2-3 days any ideas thanks
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