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    Front Squats and... Traps?!

    Hey guys, any of you get a trap workout from front squats?

    There after my leg day, I feel sore as hell in the traps (when doing front squats)!

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    I guess it would depend on how you are resting the bar. Do you have it straight accross the upper chest with you arms crossed?

    I do these instead of regular squats every week. I have some pain where the bar sits, but no trap pain at all.

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    I surprised that your traps are as sore as they are. Anytime the bar resting across the shoulders, back or front, the traps are working as a stabilizer during the performance of the exercise. Could the soreness be from a trap workout the day before and a result of DOMS?

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    if you have the bar resting on the front delts and drop your elbows as you squat then you will pull on the traps and this could be why they hurt.

    instead of resting on your delts and crossing your arms..try the following

    stand in front of the bar place your handson the bar 2-3 inches wide than shoulder width. place the bar on your shoulders and push the elbows up, your wrists should rotate under the bar.

    Now lift in this position. feels awkward but bare with it. Keep the elbows high all the time and you should have no discomfort in the traps.

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