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    reps/sets questions

    Okay last summer i was during heavy weight for 4-6reps for 2sets. now i was on a cycle at the time. i got very big lighting heavy with some reps and sets.

    Questin is that i hear so much feed back that you have to go lighter with more reps and sets to get bigger.

    Now my goal is to put as much mass on as possible. For the past four weeks i have switched up to doing 6-8reps of 4sets. i feel more of a burn of course because the the number rep/set being higher.

    what is the key too size........

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    with size the best routine for me has been low reps at a higher weight...also make sure to do all the compound lifts (squats, deads, bench) that has seemed to help me as well.

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    IMO,no doubt
    6 to 9 sets total per bodypart and 4 to 6 reps .
    With 6 reps being positive failure
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