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    Help me setup a workout plan, please :-)

    I'll be on this cycle:

    test 500mg week 1-8
    fina 1/2cc ed week 3 to 7
    dbol 30mg ed week 1-4

    Whe workout plan I came up with so far is:

    - bench press
    - dumbbell press/flies super set
    - cable crossovers

    - standing curls
    - Scott’s bench curls
    - Concentration curls

    - neck machine
    - shrugs

    - leg press
    - lounges
    - leg extensions

    - machine crunches
    - twisting sit-ups/crunches
    - leg raises

    - military press - behind the neck
    - lateral rises
    - machine side delts
    - bend over lateral rises – rear delts

    - French presses
    - Machine dips

    - Forearms workout
    - back extensions

    - back pullover
    - wide grip pull downs
    - narrow grip seated cable rows

    - machine crunches
    - twisting sit-ups/crunches
    - leg raises

    - incline bench press
    - dumbbell incline presses/flies s.s.
    - machine flies

    - standing curls
    - hammer curls

    - neck machine
    - shrugs

    Reasoning why I have more exercises for neck, traps, lower back and biceps – these are my weaker areas.

    Also I'm hoping that being on roids I can work my muscle more often than once a week??? And I believe that muscles liek biceps, triceps have faster recovery rate than legs and back so I can hit them more often?

    Saturday and Sunday – rest days!

    Comments on exercises and intensity:

    - Each set is done to failure.

    - Two sets per exercise, but each done this way: choose weight for 8 reps->failure->drop weight->failure->drop weight->failure for total about 15 reps. Partial reps added after last failure in second set. Some exercises are supersetted, e.g. I would superset the standing curl after doing bench press – to add intensity.

    - Full range of motion! Slow eccentric portion. Vary slow/dynamic movements sometimes.

    - Weeks 9-12 will be changing the reps to 12-15. Should I change anything else for cutting up? Ie.e. number of sets? How often each muscle per week?


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    Ok first you have to realize that there are secondary muscle groups that are work out with just about every many of your la5rge muscle group so it only makes sense to train them on the same days as these large muscle groups as not to overtrain them.
    Try moving you triceps up Mondays and Fridays. These are the days that you are working your chest and tri's are being work in most of the movements that you mention so you might as wel go ahead and train them on this day.
    Another thing that I noticed was that y ou are working your shoulders and your traps at different days as well.
    I see that other than abbs, you have devoted a day to your back. If you are needing extra work here then leave it this way but I useually like to try and work in my back, shoulders, and traps all in the same day. If time does not allow this then leave your back on it's own day but deffinetly pull the traps and shoulders on the same day. Other than that everything looks good.
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    I think you should throw in some heavy deadlifts or power cleans for your traps. Especially while on the juice you should be able to lift some way heavy poundages and really hit the traps. Everything else looks fine. Good luck.

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