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Thread: Need Advice

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    Need Advice

    Ok im starting the cutting sticky this week. Currently i weigh 215lbs. , 23%bf, and am 5'9. I want to get my body fat down to aroung 8-10%. Im just finishing up a cycle of test, and should have held off until i lost some bodyfat, but too late now. My question is how should i train. What body parts should i do,, when and how much. How much cardio should i do and what kind of gear should i use... Need all the help i can get

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    lol im not telling :D

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    Year research is the key hear,, you’ve just finished a cycle of test but now your asking how to train ?? what body parts ?? Theirs more than nuff good info on this site just hit the search..…

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    time on cycle = time off cycle bud

    dont use steriods to cut.

    change your diet

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