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    Time of day to workout?

    I know this question has probably been asked before but i'm having trouble finding it in search.

    I go to the gym at 5:00am right after I wake up. I do my workout and then cardio, go home and get ready for work.

    Now I was just wondering if there could be a problem with working out first thing in the morning? I know it's better to do cardio first thing in the morning but I was wondering about lifting. The reason I dont lift in the afternoon is because I cant stand trying to get a workout in at 6pm at my gym. It's TOO damn crowded and I wind up getting a piss poor workout.

    I've heard that in the morning your testosterone levels are higher so that would be a good thing. But I've also heard that in the afternoon you have more energy from all the foods you've eaten. So I was just wondering?

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    read this in Men's Health:

    You may have heard that morning workouts are better, since testosterone levels are higher. Now forget you heard that. "Although hormonal fluctuations are important, they don't necessarily correlate to performance gains. The optimal time to work out is anytime you can fit it into your schedule," says Greg Haff, Ph.D., an exercise scientist at Appalachian State University.

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    Yo big D this is what i do. I cannot lift on an empty stomach. Like if i get up in the morning and have an apple wait an hour and go to the gym i would not have an energy to put up the wieghts. I love going at night. I have the same problem as you. Training grounds in teaneck is near impossible to lift at anywhere from 530 to 7. It can be difficult sometimes but i always try and go at 7. I love going at night. relatively empty. you also burn of all the shit you eat during the day. You can concetrate a whole lot more and eveything. I have goine as late as midnight. Its great. then you come home have some protein some carbs. watch sienfeld for a bit and go to sleep. With cardio i think it sis true. If you go in the morning befr you have eaten anything ( i like to have a protein shake) you burn alot more fat. if thats what you want to do. The body cannot take calories or carbs to power itself. There is nothing, so it starts breaking down the fat.

    So i dunno i hoped that helped you.

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    I work out either around 10:30 am or 3:00 pm, depends on my schedule

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    I get up early and do my cardio (running), and my workout in the afternoon. I need to have my day's food in me to get a good pump. It is your body bro, you have worked out in the morning and at night...if you feel like you aren't losing anything working in the am, then go for it. just my .02

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    I work out in the morning as well, i like it, i just put a protien shake in me along with some creatine, and i am on my way!

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