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    Unhappy need some motovation

    ive been in iraq for three months and have grown like never before. I guess its because lifting is an escape for me. ive been head to head with my bros but i am the only one with love handles. so i decided to step up the cardio and lose some b/f before i get home to the wife. i cut down on carbs increased my cardio and im losing the fat pretty quick, problem is im so weak. I feel like im shrinking. i expected to lose a little, but its so depressing watching the other guys lift heavier and heavier while i head over to the stairmaster. just needed to vent, thanks.

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    Dont be bothering yourself about wat the other dudes are doing as long as you know you have your workout and stuff sorted.

    I feel the same when im tryin to bulk and sum big dude is already bulked up and cutting, he looks beter than me. I just wanna kik his ass.
    Dont worry dude you wil get there. Do it for your missus.

    Oh yeah, and kick some Iraqi but for me (i was MD from service b4 i got the chance to )

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