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    different rep ranges...

    does performing reps say in the strength range(1-6) have an affect on your strength levels in the hypertrophy range(8-12)? im not totally understanding the affects of this, ive always been taught that to get stronger at an exercise, or rep range in this case is to do it...

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    If im understanding your question right then yes your strength will increace in the higher rep range as your 1 rep max increaces. Why wouldnt it. If we ignore any muscular growth then if you can press 100kgs one month for 3 reps and next month you can press 110kgs for 3 reps then whats changed is your CNS and its ability to recruit musclefibes etc into a more coheisive action. This will have an effect on teh higher rep ranges as well. You may not have trained to maximal muscular endurance but you will still be able to perform better as you are more capable at handling the weight as you are now stronger.

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    with my experience no. My muscels seem to get conditioned to certain rep ranges. Lets say i have been working in the 9-10 rep range for a while. i look at my charted max, which i have had great success with the chart. i see my charted projected max with the weight i hit for 10 reps.

    then, i decide next workout to work in the 5-6 rep range so i pick my weight using the chart max and see what weight i should use so it will equal that same max with the heavier weight for 5-6 reps. when i pick up the weight, it feels all wobely and unnatural and i fall short in reps of what i think i should get. so i stay with it for a couple weeks, progress and eventually pass up my previous charted max and weight in that rep range feels natural again.

    then i decide to suddenly go back to the 9-10 rep range next time. again, i find the weight according to my new max from the heavier weight. what happens? i fall short again from what i think i should get according to the chart because i just dont have the endurance i had before.

    this seems to be the main reason guys use periodization, to avoid falling short of reps and to condition the msucels for the next load. so all in all, i am not sure about the whole muscle fiber thing, but i def feel that muscles get conditioned to certain loads and perform better at them then other rep ranges. i dont think it really means a whole lot what rep range you are using, as long as you are always progressing with 10 or under reps, my guess is that the muscle UNIT will get larger. and have a greater capacity to perform better at unconditioned rep ranges

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