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    Question How big can a man get naturally

    Like the subject says How big can a man get without using the various anabolic drugs.After seeing B-Boys pics it seems that a person can get pretty damn big if he works out hard and eats properly and gets plenty of sleep.And I'm talking about a man who's average height(5'6"-5'7")

    P.S Because personally if I could get up to 180-190lbs 200lbs if possible I wouldn't be opposed since I'm in this game to get as big as I possibly can

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    I dont think there really is a way of telling how big one can get.Like you said diet and training hard but everyone is different.Genetics only allow so much in my opinion.If your in no rush to get big then your fine.

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    you can only grow as much as ur genetics will let you. if people in ur family are huge its almost for sure that u are gonna be huge. most bodybuilders have great genetics thats why they do what they do. even if they never worked out a day in their life they would be bigger then half the guys in the gym . its all genetics

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    u can get very huge jus naturally , back in africa in my gym , my workout partner was like 6 0'' , 240 lb , squating 5 plates@side , 20'' arms , never ever used a supplyment or gear , jus good ol' bananas and milk , eggs. ...........but GOD ! dave, trained hard , i still remember him training legs and the whole gym , stopping to stare , and he used to come in 3rd or 4 th in the comp , so yeah , i truely beleive one can very,very far without gear , the once 15 time mr kenya,mike ragos once told me that if you don't plan plan to compete in a show you don't need gear , the guy is like 55 years now weighs 235lb still has 19'' arms ,is lean as hell , so i truely reckon hard trainin, rest , good food n mindset are the way to go.(personally i know that if ragos took gear , he would have been up there with arnie and the lot , he's choice of staying natural , held him back.) ......peace.

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