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    triple super set for arms!?

    couple of questions about arms......i work arms twice a week( good or bad?). i have a heavy day....and a rep day.... on heavy day...for curls, i do sets of 5, first set 10 reps, 5th set 5 reps...first exercise... straight bar barbell..then ez curls..then a isolation dumdbell curl... then dumbbell hammers. then i hit my triceps... skull crushers..overhead extenisons...then dips. on my rep day i do triple super sets... mostly the same exercises but, one set curls, go right for the tris then right for the dips, i do this for 5 sets. any good? i get a lot of comments about my arms, but seems to me for as long as i been working out they should be well over 20in instead of 19. too much? or not enough? you can see a old pic of me on page 3or4 in the pic area my current weight is 249( weighed yesterday naked after cardio and steam) thanks charlie r

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    sound like alot to me bro, but everyone is different. if you are going to train arms twice a week you might want to only super set like once a month. gotta let the muscle heal. do your arms feel fatigued?

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