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    Does German Volume Training Work?

    I've read into it and have actually performed the workout... I was sore as a mother. But some buddies tell me there is no way to gain mass doing 10 x 10 half your max, so guys what are the facts here to set them straight ha ha. Thanks bro's

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    the bottom line is any training protocol will work for anyone for a certain period of time...
    you will get mixed reviews on your question. i personally gave it a legitimate try and although it did "work" i was not impressed and it didnt work to my standards.

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    I personally think that you should vary your training up at all times ill go light for a month heavy for a month then mix it up random weeks i feel less prone to injury going light and when i say light i dont mean like 15 reps i mean like 8-10

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    We do it everyother week for squats. one week the normal heavy accending routine. next week 10 sets of 10 with 60-65% of your max. Has worked very well.

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