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    Injury.. REAL Depressed please help

    hey guys im freaking out about my injury - i tore my meniscus and will need surgery. Im currently still lifting and walking gingerly on it but i need to know how long of a period from when i get surgery to when i can lift again because im depressed as it is not doing legs and cardio so please just give it to me honestly someone told me if i get it scoped ill be in bed for 2 weeks and then can get back to at least liftin upper body... can any1 second that comment... please respond back thanx alot to all

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    I ruptured BOTH patellar tendons and my knee-caps were both mid-thigh. I had to have both knees cut WIDE open and anchors/screws put into both kneecaps, tendons cut and sewn back together, and pulled through the anchors. Can you say "*****ng ouch"???

    I was in leg immobilizers for MONTHS on end, but I continued to train upper body. I couldn't train legs for almost a year, and it sucked and I lost a lot of leg size, yes, but it has since come ALL back.

    This was two years ago, so it's taken me 24 months from major surgery to get to this point. Not that bad when you consider BOTH of my legs were "free swinging" from the knee down, w/no control whatsoever. You will have a scope, which I had done later to remove excessive scar tissue (6 months ago) but after 4 weeks of physical therapy and having the swelling subside, I was right back at it training legs again. I lost very little size that time, and the size I lost came back within 2 months.

    You really have nothing to worry about. I believe that stressing over this would cause more catabolism than your actual surgery is going to.


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    Relax bro. Meniscus tears are no big deal and you won't lose much, if any muscle. Just continue to eat right and listen to the Doc during your recovery phase and it will all be in the past and you'll be back at 100%!

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