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Thread: shin splints

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    shin splints

    i get shin splints everytime i run... i bought new running shoes.. how do i make it go away

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninthprince22
    i get shin splints everytime i run... i bought new running shoes.. how do i make it go away

    Ditto.. I was about to post the same thing, but I searched first and yours was still fresh.. LOL

    So who's got a solution for us?

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    Dunno, I never run unless it's from a pit-bull.

    I am sure someone will chime in.


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    Getting Fat
    Slow and gradual progression.
    Reduce volume.
    Good shoes.
    Avoid asphalt, use track, treadmill, grass, etc.
    Apply ice to reduce inflammation.
    Strengthen the tibialis anterior, this is the muscle that is pulling away from the bone because it is weak and cannot handle the continous eccentric contractions to slow your foot down.

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    I agree 100% with Hypertrophy. In addition, when you run try to pull your toes into your shins, land on your heels and then roll through your entire foot with a push-off. You are probably not doing this and instead landing hard on your heels. This means that approximately 3X your body weight is slamming into your lower leg with each step, hence the stress fractures to your shins. Shin splints generally don't go away without a lot of rest, ibuprofen and ice. Eventually, use a treadmill for less impact and run quietly - no pounding. Definately go to a running store and be evaluated for running shoes - they will help you select one designed for how your foot strikes (pronates, supinates, etc.) When I started out I was plagued by stress fractures - good luck and fast healing bro.

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    i read at my physical therapist's that its the soleus pulling away from the tibia, so when i had them i did lots of calf stretching and they went away within a week. btw ninthprince, i just changed my avatar cuz of you. i like this one better though.

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    In addition to all the recommendations already posted which are perfect, you can add cross-friction massage to the ant. tib tendon-gentle but firm back and forth or small circles over the tendon. It will hurt when you start, but should subside. Do this about 5 min., then ice.

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    Something that helped me greatly with my shin splints was getting orthotics placed in my shoes.

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