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Thread: Bad Back

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    Bad Back

    If u have a bad back...or fragile back and are afraid of injury by attempting deadlifts or it still necessary to do those workouts to increase mass anyways???

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    No its not, be very careful i got injured that way and am still recovering after 3 years.

    To gain mass you need to eat, eat and eat 6 meals a day with 1000 calories a meal thats the way i got from 160 pounds to 220 pounds drug free, of course i add some fat but still i was big.

    Go for the form and work your muscle fiber deep.

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    how are you abs? without strong abs you will never achieve deads or squats in heavy weight. Also, you can perform both in lower weight with high reps! Have you tried that?

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    developing the abs will help. Also, deadlifts will strengthen the back so you will be able to complete them without injury over a period of time. Make sure to not go too heavy too soon.

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