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    will u grow if u dont increase in weight.??

    im on cutting, and i workout one bodypart once a week. and i do 3-4 sets for 3 -4 exercises.but if i dont increase the waight from time to time, or at least somtimes try, will i still grow, if im on the same weight at all times?? just wondering.??

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    It is a good idea to increase the weight a little bit every workout and/or change up routines/order of exercises. If someone does bench and incline 5 sets of 8 reps with the same exact weight every workout..he is likely to stay at that weight.

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    I doubt you gain any muscle while cutting.....the trick is not to lose much.....keep ur protein high and try to keep the poundage up but when we drop weight we lose strength.......

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    As long as you do more work in less time, you would have stimulated muscle growth. What I mean by this is lets say you're at the same weight and reps from one workout to the next. Most people don't realize is if they took a shorter rest period and completed their reps faster (still with good form), they completed more work in shorter period of time. Charles Staley (strength coach) says you can stimulate muscle growth that way too.

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    Yes, there are others ways to overload other than to increase your weight . . .

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    You have to change something. If you do the same thing for long enough your body will adapt and the benefit will cease. You can do this by changing the weight, changing the reps, changing the order of lifts, changing the lifts, changing the amount of rest, etc.

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