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    Getting more proportional

    well bro's gotta problem that has been bothering me lately... My chest, shoulders are way out of proportion to my arms...i mean my chest is big and musclular the same with my shoulders it just makes my arms look small i guess it doesnt help having long a$$ arms too....but anyways what can i do to help bring them into proportion i've been training arms earlier in the week before chest and back and legs are excellent as well my arms have just fallen behind...should i not lift chest and shoulders have and go with more reps....i know i dont overtrain arms cause ive been doing what swole cat has told me a while back about doing only 6 working sets which seems to be wroking...everyone says " man your chest is huge but where are your arms and iam gettin tired of it ...any advice would be appreciated...

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    Most of the time, your arms will get huge from doing movements like barbell bench press, deadlifts, etc. If this is not the case, try placing them first in the week. Next forget doing just isolation movements that aren't going to stimulate as much muscle growth. Stick with exercises like dips, reverse-grip chins, close grip bench presses, cheat barbell biceps curls, etc. Also, you arms will only grow as big as your genetics will allow. What I mean by this is maybe you don't have low insertion points for your biceps like Arnold did. We have our parents to thank for that.

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