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    Gripping a barbell

    whats the deal with the best way to grip a barbell doing exercies such as bench press? i always grip the bar with my thumb wrapped around the bar. i've tried it the other way where you put your thumb on the underside of the bar but it feels like its gonna slide out of my hand. does it really matter what grip one uses or is it just more of a personal preference?

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    Personal preference, it makes no difference development wise.

    One slip with the "lazy grip" as it's called, and you'll be going back to grippin' the bar with your thumbs believe me!


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    yeah i just do a regular grip. i dont think dieing in a gym is the way im supposed to go, although it would be ironic.

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    might as well get used to the closed grip(thumb wrapped) it will save you from slipping and if plan to bench at meets, some sanctions only allow closed grips

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    I do always use the regular grip for bench press, the only time I do the under the bar thumb grip is when I do skull crushers...

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    When hitting my tris with close grip bench presses and skull crushers, I like to use the "lazy" grip. I don't know, just seems to work better for me... Otherwise, I use a regular grip.

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    i do it sometimes close grip too

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    I slide my thumb under the bar because it allows me to use more resistance. A spotter is a must with this style. In a powerlifting competition, I saw an individual lose the bar and it bounced off his chest before the spotters got to it. Luckily, he just had some soreness and bruising.

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