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    half reps. or half right

    You ever do partial reps (power factor training)

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    partial deadlifts are great for you

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    Board Presses, Rack Pulls, 21's, Lockouts, etc.

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    gettin lucky in kentucky
    i've done partial deads in a power rack and 21's and i like them. when i do heavy flat or incline bench i'll do only the bottom 2/3rd's of the movement and i get an awesome pump from it.

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    partials are only good when one has reached failure, if you do them as a primary excercise, you will limit your size and range of motion greatly, but they are great when one has reached their end of the set and is close to failure, after all thats what arnold did, it worked for him

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    Yeah, I gave power factor training a shot several years ago. It great for bodybuilding purposes but I'm not a bodybuilder. I participate in the martial arts and I feel it only makes you stronger in that particular ROM. Not good for an athlete, IMO, but it would make a difference for a bodybuilder. If you feel you have reached your genetic potential, as a bodybuilder, I would say give it a shot.

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