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    Overtraining on juice?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to overtrain while on gear?
    I currently workout 5 days/wk for about an hour and a half this is my

    Mon. Chest 20-22 sets
    Tues. Back 20 sets including 4 sets of deadlifts for lower back
    Wed. Arms (bicepts 16 sets) (tricepts 16 sets)
    Thurs. Off
    Fri. Legs 16 stes (sometimes I will finish up with 4 sets of calves)
    Sat. Shoulders 20 sets
    Sun. Off

    I also try and do 4 sets of Abs every other day

    Im currently on the following:
    600mg/Test Enth/wk
    500mg/Deca /wk
    Just finished up Fina for 1 month

    I also do the same workout when off gear just with less intensity. Is this too much on and/or off? You think I would see better results doing less/

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    j martini is offline Member
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    Yeah i think its definitely pssible to overtrain while you are on cycle, and i think you are. I am a high volume trainer mysel but not to the degree you are.

    I think 20 sets on chest is too much all you need is a flat and incline press and some type of flye. You must be doing a lot of exercises that are quite similiar like incline bench and incline dumbell press. I would cut that back to about 12 sets for example.

    4 Sets incline bench
    4 sets flat dumbell press
    4 sets incline flyes

    I also do 20 sets for back but this is fine IMO as there is so much area back there to cover from traps to erectors.

    20 sers for shoulders is also far to much and i would cut back on the arms as well.

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    I nevber realy thought aboput it until recently that I might be doing tooo much.

    For chest
    I start with 4 sets of flat bench (including 1 warm up 15 reps the other 3 sets are between 6-10 reps)
    Next, Incline bench 4 sets (6-10 reps)
    next, Weighted dips 4 sets (6-10 reps)
    next, cable flies from lower setting 4 set of 15
    next, cable flies from upper setting 4 sets of 15

    Too much? What do you think I should do to cut this down?

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    if you're looking to put on some mass then Yes you are overtraining. my rule (taken by other peoples rules) is no more than 4 days\week. 1 day of rest for everyday of work following. large muscles = 12 sets total. small muscles = 9 sets total.

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    whoa man ya i think you are overtraining...sure it is possible to overtrain on juice
    I would keep your workouts for big bodyparts (legs, chest, back) to 12 or less and small bodyparts to 8-10

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    definitely overtraining. Your routine should never take longer than an hour.

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